Strand Technologies develops and manufactures technology-based solutions for safety, security and control of electro-mechanical operating systems.

These can be used for on-site or remote monitoring, control and diagnostic management of applications such as automated pedestrian entrances, access control systems, industrial doors, gates and shutters as well as road signage and refrigeration.

Based in Walsall, in the West Midlands, Strand Technologies, was established in April 2021 and our products can be applied to support efficient and cost-effective problem-solving across a variety of industries.

Customers include, building developers, entrance solutions companies, service providers, door and window manufacturers, facilities management companies, public sector estate managers, traffic management, CCTV and security and retail.

Our product ranges have been developed to assist in the delivery of safety – including fire, natural ventilation and safeguarding requirements, security and reduction of energy costs.



Catherine has worked at Strand Hardware since 2000 when she joined Strand to help her Dad out for 6 months and never left! She then took up the position of Managing Director from 2006 to December 2021 when Steve Marshall stepped into the role.

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PAUL RYAN - Chairman

An entrepreneurial figure in the automatic door & telematics market, Paul Ryan has built many successful businesses and been instrumental in developing and protecting the future of the industry through his work at the Automatic Door Supplier Association (ADSA).

With an eager eye for new and exciting opportunities, Paul is always open to new partnerships, customers and suppliers, offering expertise and enthusiasm to help bring new products to market.


STEVE MARSHALL - Managing Director

Steve became Managing Director in December 2021 having worked with Strand Technologies products for over 15 years from a client’s perspective. This provides him with inside knowledge of customer requirements and the service levels expected. Steve is highly IT orientated and has worked with developers for many years implementing systems and applications within a number of different businesses.

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Intrigued by the way things work and specialising in application solutions, Simon Bowden’s technical knowledge has been gained within the manual and automatic entrance systems industry over the past 35 years.


Whilst product quality and performance are extremely important, the team and customer relationships are the key elements that provide the motivation for Simon’s continued enthusiasm and commitment.