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400 V Motors

Electronic control panel for a three-phase 400 V 6 A motor, with optional installation of a limit switch

|  Description

The E1T panel is fitted with microprocessor logic and feeds 24 V DC supply to the accessories to ensure safety during installation.

Special connections are available for opening, closing, stopping and partial opening.

It features a safety test for self-testing safety devices and emergency stop and reverse.

A housing box in plastic material, suitable for outdoor installation, ensures that an IP55 protection rating is achieved.

It is compatible with industrial sliding gate motors (Ditec Cross19, Ditec Cross30E) and industrial doors (Ditec Dod15).

The control panel E1T in CROSS19V and CROSS30E also processes data from a temperature sensor that is built into the automation system, thereby preventing overheating in critical conditions.

Removable terminal connectors facilitate cabling.

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