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iContact ECO 3

iContact is a versatile, compact and innovative solution, that specialises in remote asset management via GSM/GPRS.

It enables real time monitoring, reporting and management of a range of security critical applications and access control systems.

|  Description

Universal connectivity & remote control for electro-mechanical equipment
"Over-the-Air" global immediate alerting allowing for instant response
Reduced carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary site visits
Reduced energy costs with intelligent 24 hour asset monitoring
Improved customer/ service provider communication & relationship
Increased performance via instant accurate fault detection

| Applications

iContact's ECO 3 device can be tailored to a countless amount of environments.


Safety devices, operation counts, open time, locking controls, remote mode switching, climate control, power supply status.


Fire & Smoke Protection

Fire alarm status, operation counts, fault alarms, locking controls, remote mode switching, power supply status.


Temperature Monitoring

Pre-set exception alerting.Due diligence compliance (The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013) for temperature monitoring within food and catering industry.


Road Safety Signs & Lights

Monitoring, Remote Control, Alerting and Instant diagnostics, switching pattern calendars – Fault reporting, remote mode switching, power supply status.


Threat Protection & Alerting

Remote Central lockdown activation and deactivation of locking systems to minimise personal attack threat for government, education, medical and retail staff.  



Water quality, temperature, toxin levels, critical life support equipment such as oxygen pumps, water filters, automatic feeders, UV lighting, power supply status.

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iContact ECO 3

+   Fast & reliable

+   Saves time and money

+   Controls and monitors your assets

+   Over-the-air technology

+   Instant & accurate fault diagnostics

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